Spotify Menu & Search UI/UX Redesign

Spotify Menu & Search UI/UX Redesign
Services Offered:
UI/UX, Graphic Design
Project Summary:

Frustrated with my Spotify app, I made some adjustments to the menu and search options in the app. The main issues were:

1. Search results were not filterable. Due to this, I had to scroll through a bunch of categories to find the one I was looking for.

2. The Search bar popped up at the top fo the screen, which made using the app one-handed very difficult, as I could not reach the top of my screen with my thumb.

3. The 5 column menu in the bottom took up too much space. I solved these issues by:

1. Designing an expandable menu, which allows for the area to be used more effectively.

2. Creating a search filter at the bottom in place of the menu.

3. Moving the search bar to the middle of the screen to start, with a scrolling menu of previous searches.

spotify ui ux redesign menu search bar navigation